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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holiness David Running Eagle Under the Sun

Holiness David Running Eagle (Shooting Star, our Father Red Hand) Under the Sun

Dreams of time, grow up to be prophecy (rainbow warriors of prophecy).  But what we find is the heart of a world that needs me (holiness, as does the eagle fly and stand fast as the mountain).  Don't you hear my heart it rumbles in the wind?  I fly across the space to (tie in a bundle, long i) wind  all the sins. There you dream of what is far away.  The song of loving you, in only a simple betray (those who choose impure ways). But what I see is holy in the breeze.  You don't need to give away your solemn breeze (forgive, think twice). Instead find happiness in all you do, dreams inside of you, can come true.

Fly over mountains and understand, that holiness always demands.  We stand like warriors who brave the seas. We are the heart of those who need to offer company. Gift sails to be free. Where do you think we are heading to.  What do you think that we are here to do?  There seems to be rift between you and me. I think God is only allowing some to feel the breeze.

But prayer is offered to everyone.  I can hold my hands together under the sun.  And why don't you call upon the skies above, the heavens in the clouds, sure fit like gloves. We are the children of Heaven, the stars. We are the heart of those who are embarked. Into heavenly dreams, for all to feel the breeze.  I wait for you.  I am the shining star with a sacred view.  Take flight over mountains.  Give way to the breeze.  Feel the heart of the oneness, that flies over me.  And in the valleys where shadows, grow empty without our love, be sure to give a blessing, to shed a blanket of love.

Dreams do come true. When you follow the heart inside of you.  Remember it's God, the heart of one Sod. And it's green grass it's true, the mighty river in the blue.  (vision: sailing on wings of an eagle hoovering over the blue waters) (crash, the falling bells, soul evolution, our sorry is heard, evolution spills over as it departs into a new dawning).  And there we go in time, to bellow all that chimes, without you knowing me, how could I feel your breeze, but we are in there together.  We feel all the sacred weather.  And we fly across the skies, looking out to reason why.  We are oneness, God's voice to sum us, to gather in stead (red road, to stand up, rising sun), to walk in the heart of loving shores. I give reason for you, the heart of the true.

Heaven is dreams.  Heaven believes.  Gardens achieve.  Dance with me. Over rolling hills. See the fairy trails. The little ones at work, the ants who built the dirt. And we can talk and sing to rainbows.  We are part of this dream.  And children everywhere, including your heart so fair.  Let us sing to God.  Fill our hearts with clouds.  Dream for yesterday, and tomorrow will save our waves. And pray always my deers (sacred journey). For it's always and eternal, have no fear.  We are dreaming in here, together as One.

Let's have some fun.  Beat and strum.  Hear the bells rung (evolution).  It's time to come home.  Let's be rising suns! (morning star, eight directions, holiness has begun, the sacred path has sprung)

Holiness David on the Buffalo Drum, Stand Up Dream on Bells and White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings for the heart of Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, our Father Red Hand (Dakota-wind that blows across the valleys , Ojibwa-head of river, shooting star and House of the Beloved, Star of David-the blessing). June 29, 2010 7:29pm pst.

Father Red Hand, walking in the trees (among the trees of life), kissing (unification), here is my heart, going two (united) by three (dream is born), walking along, giving love to thee. Father Red Hand purifying love, flowing and glowing (red fire) and driving all that's bad (purification bring all home), home to the heart beat (pounding heart flows life), where all belongs and keeps, inside the blood (red road, the law of love). There I stand up (rising sun) to the hands of God, where my embrace holds all that I see below. Running Eagle, my Shooting Star does sea, the many children, God gave to liberty.

 Fire Purification
Sacred Spirit Medicine you are true.  Always holding me when you are blue.  And my relative, when I need you, you come to rescue me right in the air.  Do I feel this wind inside, or do I feel I need to hide?  I know soon, it's going to be a thunder ride, and I'll need all that I have to understand why.  Winds do blow, inside my heart.  I know blessings will keep me safe in storms.  I will dance with thee the wind, where my relatives greet me like it should.  And when you come to my arms, I too will be waiting for you. Come my relative, let's be true.  Let us ride the clouds so true.  Let Sacred Medicine find you, the heart that seeks only true, the heart of me and you.  

There is a true blue, the royal true, who always blossom and grooms to find the best in you, the heart of the knew, the heart of the new. Let us find sacred spirit medicine, in you!

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